Summer CSA

What is a CSA? - Community supported agriculture (CSA) allows consumers to receive fresh local produce, meats and other goods. When you become a member of a CSA you receive a "share" of the local products offered... in this case, fantastic bread made with local ingredients, from local and regional farms.

How does my CSA work?

  1. Sign up clicking on the button below and send or drop off a check to Brynne's Bread, 680 Spencer Rd. Oakham, MA 01068. 
  2. Once you are signed up, you will receive a confirmation email and a welcome (just so you know your membership in the CSA has been completed).
  3. From that point on, an email will be sent one week prior to pick up. You will be able to choose your breads and desserts using a simple online form.
  4. There will be four bread options and two dessert options for each share. You are able to select two different/same types of breads and either a combo of different desserts or one single dessert option. There is also the option for a bread only share.
  5. Pick up will be on Wednesday from 1 pm-7:30pm at the Fobes Memorial Library in Oakham or the West Brookfield Farmer's Market on the West Brookfield Common between 3 and 6pm.
  6. Please email me on Tuesday if you are unable to make the pickup. We will be able to make other arrangements to ensure that you get your share.


Breads and Desserts You Can Expect to Find in Your Share

                        Breads                                                                                           Desserts

Focaccia                                               Cinnamon Raisin/Swirl                                      Cinnamon Rolls

Cranberry Oatmeal                                7 Grain                                                           Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Whole Wheat                                        Challah                                                           Brownies

Vermont Cheddar                                  Maple Pecan                                                    Raspberry Bars

Firehouse                                              Pumpernickel                                                    Muffins

Brewer’s Bread                                      Marbled Rye                                                     Cookies

Sunflower Seed                                     Brioche (Raspberry or Apple)                              Scones

Share Options

Bread and Dessert Shares - $19 / share

6 Shares total cost of $114 .
Includes 2 loaves of bread and dessert.
Order any week from June 6th -Oct 10. 
Can purchase additional shares at any point. 

Bread Only Shares - $12 / share

6 Shares total cost of $72.
Includes 2 loaves of bread .
Order any week from June 6th -Oct 10. 
Can purchase additional shares at any point. 

Pick Up Locations for the Summer CSA (Click on the Red Markers to Get Directions)

Frequently Asked Questions About the CSA

What happens when I can’t make it to pick up my share?

Notification 24 hours in advance is greatly appreciated, and we can make other arrangements for pick up. If the share is not picked up and no notification is given, the share will be placed in freezer and be available during the following pick up.

When do I get to choose what kind of bread I want?

An email will be sent out with four different bread options and dessert options (if you are getting a bread and dessert share). Please choose two breads and respond by deadline on the form. If no choice is made, then it will default to baker’s choice.

What if have I food allergies?

Please check my website for each bread description to see what ingredients are included. If you need any clarification, please not hesitate to contact me. 

Any other questions, please never hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at  (978)413-3279