My 8 year old son tried your cinnamon rolls for the first time on Sunday. When I asked him how they were he said that "Nothing's better, except for maybe kisses". :) ~Megan 

Hello Brynne, my friend introduced me to your craft and I just have to say where have you been all my life? I haven't had bread this good since my Nana in the 70's. Your 7 grain and wheat are incomparable to anyone's. Thank you for your dedication. ~Paul S. 

I got your cinnamon raisin bread yesterday at the farmer's market in West Brookfield. I just had it toasted for breakfast and all I can say is OMG! Delicious!! What a great way to start the day! :) ~ Michelle

Best cinnamon rolls we've ever had!!~Kristy 

I just bought some 2 of your breads (whole wheat and gluten-free) from Rutland Marketplace, and I love them!! I made a sandwich with one loaf, and spread some jam on the other. So glad I've been introduced to your bread. No more store bread for me and my family!! Thanks for doing a great job to help people eat healthy! ~Jill

Brynne- when we first met, your focaccia made for the best turkey sandwich I have ever eaten. That was years ago and I still haven't forgotten how amazing it was! All of your bread I've had since then has been artisan quality and wonderful! I always look forward to it! Keep baking and keep inviting us over to eat it! ~ Jackie

Personally, cutting into Brynne's raisin cinnamon bread and toasting it...putting a little butter on the delicious hot raisins, soft center and crispy crust with a cup of coffee in the morning is just a perfect way to wake up and start a good day...By lunch, a nice hot bowl of soup with her Irish Potato bread or her Vermont Cheddar is just as invigorating to take on the rest of the day...ahhh ~Jeanine