Throughout time, the basic ingredients of bread: flour, water and yeast, have changed very little. So what you might ask sets apart Brynne’s Bread from the rest?


Brynne Stark discovered her love for baking bread in her mid 20’s. Tired of the tasteless bread available in your typical supermarket, she decided to see what it took to bake a loaf of bread. Since that first loaf, Brynne’s appreciation for the simple ingredients of bread has grown. Being a believer in local foods, local farms and local business. Brynne has made sure to include not only the highest quality ingredients, but ingredients that might come from your neighbor or even the farm up the road.

Brynne’s bakery started out with baking a few loaves of bread for co-workers and friends, then grew to markets, festivals, and CSA’s.  Workshops, such as the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine and Shaping French Breads at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT continue to influence and improve the ways in which Brynne runs her business.  In 2017, Brynne and her husband Chris built a wood-fired, earthen oven. The hands-on experience at the Kneading Conference gave Brynne the instruction and experience necessary to design and build this oven.  You can see the step- by- step process documented by Chris in his Building a Wood-Fired Oven Instructable.  Baking bread in a wood-fired oven is like none other.  The flavor, crumb, and crust are all unique to baking directly on the bricks heated by wood-fire.  Brynne is still learning how to bake using a wood-fired oven, so if you get a chance to score a loaf from the wood-fired oven you will be in for a treat.  

In 2018, Brynne was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This unexpected diagnosis, forced Brynne to take a step back from her business to allow her to receive the medical treatment she needed to get well.  While undergoing treatments, Brynne and her husband, Chris, brainstormed ways in which to make her set up at markets easier and unique (which equals more time for baking). They found an adorable mini truck imported from Japan that would allow for a caravan to be built on the back bed.  Come to one of the many events listed on my website to see this truck in person and, of course, try out some delicious breads or baked goods.

Every batch of delicious and unique bread is hand kneaded, shaped, and baked by Brynne herself in her fully certified bakery in Oakham, MA. Brynne’s Bread is a break from the norm, a place where the melding of old-world techniques and the freshest of today’s local ingredients come together to create a taste you will truly remember.

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